Francesca comes from an old English literary family, and trained in drama at the Webber Douglas Academy Of Dramatic Art in London. Over the years she has had many appearances in film and TV. Films include 'How To get Ahead in advertising', 'Empire Of The Sun', 'Strapless', 'Tooth', 'The Honey Trap' and most recently, Mrs Dormandy in 'The Boat That Rocked'. TV includes 'Waiting for God', ' Men behaving Badly',The Detectives', 'Clarissa', and 'The Roman Mysteries'.

At age 23 she discovered she had a gift for writing and singing her own songs, and started to embark on a lifelong journey of working with musicians and forming bands. Since then music has always been her first love, but she has sustained a dual career to this day.

The first band was called Sienna, last count was 11 in the band including Percussion, a large horn section and 2 guitars. They worked on the gig circuit around London for 2 years, performing a rich diverse selection of original tunes.

Next band was True Noise, this time a 3 piece, with Francesca, James Watson and Ivor Guest (current musical director of Grace Jones). They released a song called 'Shine on me' written by Ed Baden Powell from D Influence and it went straight to Radio A lists across the board.

Francesca then signed to Chrysalis Music Publishing, and was able to fully explore the majestic art of song writing. She released an ambient dance version of her song 'Hanging In Mid Air' (co-written with Mike Parker) which was produced by Adrian Sherwood and Keith le Blanc of On U sound, to critical acclaim. She earned the accolade of 'singer of the month' in the industry's mag 'Tipsheet'.

Tim Simenon of Bomb the Bass produced a dub version of the track, and Francesca contributed two songs for Keith Le Blanc's huge selling album 'Auduim Capsule 1'.

During this time period Francesca still worked and performed as an actress in TV & film in the UK.

Francesca then Moved to New York, and lived there for 3 fantastic and creative years. Some of the diverse collaborations include working with the reggae artist Floyd Lloyd, co-wrote 'It Aint Easy' with Pink Floyd producer Jon Carin, and was the lead singer with 'The Prescients', the New York based band with Bryan Martin, (right hand man to David Byrne) at the helm. She wrote and recorded 'Myth', which appeared on the massive new Delerium record 'Poem', and her version of 'Shine On Me' appeared on the Banana Republic compilation 'Keep It Cool'. She appeared with Matt Kelly in his band Kingfish on a festival tour, and wrote songs for Beat Paul from Bumptchak music in Paris.

During this period Francesca also voiced the characters of Fiona and Tun Luiec In 'The Longest Journey', an award winning and widely acclaimed computer game.

All through her time in New York, Francesca was under the wing of Sue Drew from Reprise records, and Sue funded a string of recordings by Francesca and writer/producer, Chicky Reeves , who she continues to work with.. Once back in London, Francesca co wrote with Ben Chapman, for his album 'Bazukadrop'. She wrote and performed the music for the fashion designer Ally Cappellino for 3 of her catwalk shows held at London's Natural History Museum', and recorded her album ‘Dark’...

By this time Francesca had married Paul Loasby and had given birth to their daughter Lara, and at this point , the seeds to the lovely audio book/ album for children ‘ The Land of Sometimes’ were sown. This whim has resulted in an enormous 3 year undertaking, with Chicky Reeves as co music producer, and is now finished and released to critical acclaim, and voted on of the ten best audio book s for children ever by The Independent. The Land of Sometimes is now poised to become a beautiful animated film.

Get ready to be taken on a magical journey with twins Alfie and Elise as they travel to 'The Land Of Sometimes', where four seasons pass within one day. As they travel through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and as the story unfolds, you will be introduced to a collection of deliciously eccentric characters and their original songs. From the River Slouch Sling who just wants to make friends to Little Twink a mischievous little fairy, Mrs Blip who likes to make you slip to The Chameleon Catcher and The Willow Tree Choir Boy to name but a few.

The Land of Sometimes is an audio story book which will be released on CD in February 2012 and can be enjoyed and discovered by the whole family. Totally unique in its approach and delivery, the story and the characters come to life through the original music and the power of your imagination. A fantastic way for parents and grandparents to bond with their children and grandchildren and the beautifully illustrated booklet that accompanies the CD is something that children can pour over and follow as the story unfolds.

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