Francesca is an accomplished singer songwriter/actor/comedienne and children's writer.

Apart from acting jobs Francesca's latest project is a magical children's CD called 'The Land Of Sometimes'.

As the story unfolds, you are introduced to a collection of deliciously eccentric characters and their original songs. Catchy, melodic, sometimes hilarious, each song is different from the last. Irish folk to New Orleans jazz, reggae to disco, poetry to simple beauty, these songs have a universal appeal and are an introduction to the eternal power of music and storytelling.

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1. Hanging in Mid Air
2. Could It Be Me
3. Baby, I
4. Love, Why Are You so Late?
5. Arrow
6. Shine on Me
7. All at Sea
8. Hani
9. Sabotage
10. Sweet Pain
11. Aeroplanes


Francesca's latest album 'The Land Of Sometimes' is an instant classic

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